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I got to see the world with the help of PFC Farms.

Eating healthy can help me and my child live longer.

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Eating healthy and staying fit I am able to be a successful laywer

Step 1 -  10


Step 1 -

- Plot layout and identify underground bed layout


Step  2 

- Measure Water System

Link Example:

- 2 Timers 

   A) Standard Drip Line

       - Approx Drip Amount Per Day

       - 500 Ml per plant under 24 inches / 85 - 125 Degrees 


   B) Mister 

       - Protect against unwanted pest 

       -  Supportive Defense System  


Step 3  

- Excavator preparation & Completion


Step 4 

- Barrier Protection 

4ft wide by 32ft in length each row. ( 4 pieces of plywood) each row

Perimeter 1,633.9 ft. 554.3 yards.


Step 5 

- Seeding 500 - 1000 Plants


Step 6

- Plant Management



Step 7 

- PFC Farms Convenient / Grocery Store



Step 8

- Franchise Model - Paperwork


Step 9 

- Profits revenue - Expansion Models 


Step 10 

- Franchise Model Completion

- Profits Revenue reinvestment 

- Government Contracts - Supply Chain Management