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The root of the Outreach program is to acknowledge the passion of the individuals that love what they do. We will take that passion and show them, as well as others, how to become successful in an environment where there are many choices that can enhance your chances of success. Pfcfarms outreach program has taken a direct approach to complete the communication circle of tailored success. This will include 36 hours of time donated per-month from each representative. They will cover all the key points in the program and acknowledge the organizations criteria that have participated in our monumental movement. The benefit of this unique approach allows Pfcfarms to develop long term partnerships with our clients and future candidates based on LOYALTY, HONESTY and RESPECT. The program strength is to approach the economy and individuals that decide to redirect their work experience and knowledge towards a particular field (creating a foundation for youth development). Each specialist of Pfcfarms is designated to a location in which 36 hours per month will be donated towards youth education and development of interpersonal communication skills. The support from our partners will allow the program to emphasize the value of teamwork and unity through education, allowing the general public to see the sponsor as a valued leader in today’s society. We communicate with churches about this information with the change in the economy and our moral strategic partnerships to aid in our goal to deliver a safe and successful future for the people of the world. Presenting the idea to churches will also allow the church to build a value towards the eye of the parents looking to direct their children and love ones into the straight path of success. The guidance that Pfcfarms provides will be the ability to direct you first into the right path, right opportunity and knowledge about local business interactions. This program poses an uncapped value in which the viewers and readers will keep a lifetime. Pfcfarms successfully identifies the best talent worldwide for all companies in sales, information technology, operations, marketing, management, human resources, hardware, software, education and financial talent, customer service, Entertainment and all other related fields. Our service develops highly successful relationships with our clients, which has allowed them to advertise with Pfcfarms and cut excess cost related to hiring. These steps include:


1. Candidates are generated through extensive behavioral marketing, target marketing, personal networks, job fairs, Internet, and referral networks.


2. Our representatives do social gatherings or group presentation and Mixer Events


3. Educate the youth in enhancing interpersonal communication skill through donating 36 hours per month, acting as a big brother/ big sister program.


5. Direct target market exposure insuring public profile and involvement within the community.