Eating healthy with nutrients in my food

Making changes for your family to live longer.

We love cooking together

Eating healthy helps us stay active!

I got to see the world with the help of PFC Farms.

Eating healthy can help me and my child live longer.

Eating healthy and staying fit helped me live longer!

Eating healthy can help me live to see my grandchildren.

By eating healthy I get to stay in sports.

When I eat healthy I am able to concentrate more on my studies

By eating healthy I was able to focus more and do better on my work

I was able to get a good job by eating healthy and focusing in school

I was able to see 40 by eating healthy and staying fit

1 of the ways I am able to run my own business

Eating healthy is

Eating healthy and staying fit I am able to be a successful laywer




                                                                                                                  PFC Farms Care Program 

PFC Farms Cares program is designed to improve the quality of life. PFC Farms utilizes 10% of its harvest to help improve community based programs. PFC Farms strives to improving the quality of life by placing a heavy focus on nutrition.


Generally individuals classified as disabled have an extremely hard time accessing quality produce. The effects of a person having a low nutrient count can have devastating effects on the body. These effects can be determined by skin conditions that can be seen on the outer layer of the skin. Internal problems can cause a persons heart to just stop. PFC Farms has developed a strategic approach to solving childhood obesity and specifically targets individuals over the age of 25 due to heart failure. Our approach is simple and well designed for cooperative agriculture growing partners who share the same vision.



Strategic Approach

10% Harvest allocated for Non Profits, Education Institutions and Government Agencies.

Harvest Breakdown

100% of the 10% Harvest ( 7 Acres Hemet  California) 

50% Green Onion 

20% Cabbage

10% Peas

10% Cherry Tomatoes 

9% Kale

1% Peppers


Produce Distribution 

A) PFC Farms Community Outreach

B) PFC Farms Produce Distribution Stand

C) PFC Farms Service Truck Delivery Service






Connecting Together for a Nutrition Rich Future 

From seed to harvest we focus on extended plant care by supporting each plant until they pass. Our track record is proven regarding growing plants past 365 days, ranging from 25 degrees to 125 degrees temperatures. PFC Farms is a division of Pacific Fertilizer Company. We ask for your extended support to help PFC Farms transition into its first store front grocery store.