Our Process

For over 7 years, our mission has been to produce the finest organic produce that is grown with one fertilizer. We maintain our high standards by keeping our product line simple and by continuously growing all types of food. While constantly striving to improve our growing strategies this enables us to harvest year long under diverse conditions. 

Our process is simple, revitalize the soil and provide all plants with the proper nutrition needed to have a successful harvest. PFC Farms proprietary growing process is supported by Pacific Fertilizer Company. We focus on growing produce that improves the quality of life. All of PFC Farms produce and seasoning is salt free. 

PFC Farms utilizes water concretively. Revitalizing the bottom soil allows the plant to capture small water particles in the dirt and helps the plant to become drought resistant.

Plant Care is a key process in preparing the plant to have a successful harvest. Generally when a plant is rooted is has the ability to with stand harsh weather if  it lives past 7 months. Caring for plants 12 - 24 inches comes with the responsibility of keeping the temperature between 50 to 75 degrees. We manage the plants by using water with a pressure regulator. 

Starting from seed is an important part of plant quality. Studies have proven, planting from seed improves long-term plant growth. The quality and taste often can be identified based on a particular plant.